Bio diesel for Next generation Micro-emulsified Hybrid Fuel

An advance treatment without any chemical reaction and utilizing glycerin as well.
1.Plants cost less than 1/3 (one third )of the FAME
2.Producing cost is less than JPY 10 per a liter
3.Stabilization for heating and long storage
4.Compact and possible to operate on-site
5.Enable to use with any kinds of vegetable oil,animal fat and mineral oil
6.Producing the fuels adding water is possible
*The fuels adding water is enable for ships or big scale diesel engine like power generator

Conventional Bio diesel:BDF

FAME:Fatty Acid Methyl Ester technology

To improve the performance of spraying fuels, it requires to be removed glycerin of
vegetable oil by chemical reaction. Accordingly, there are below shortcomings enough hard to utilize.

1.Producing plants cost expensive
2.High cost for producing(JPY 20〜50 per a liter)
3.Quick deterioration, and it cannot stand preservation for long time
4.Requiring disposal of draining like glycerin or drainage

Diesel spray in a cylinder



Analysis Certification

[title of the test]  waste food oil with / without micro-emulsification treatment
[date of the test]  8 December 2004
[analysis objective]  investigate the possibility and availability of waste food oil as a 「diesel fuel」

[analysis result]

  Original After treatment
density 15℃   g/cm3 0.9264 0.9263
flash point (PMCC) ℃ 222 202
viscosity (Kinematic) cSt,50℃ 26.42 26.07
moisture (Karl-Fischer) 0.38 0.23
sulfate      wt.% 0.06 0.05
pour point ℃ -5.0 -7.5
carbon residue wt.% 0.41 0.38
ash        wt.% under 0.01 under 0.01
90%distillation test ℃ failure failure
cetane index failure failure
energy    Cal./g 10,550 10,570
energy    J/g 44,180 44,250

製造後9ヶ月経過しているのも関わらず、規定値を大幅に下回っている。大変安定した状態を示している。 ランシマットによる加速劣化試験において、EN規格の6時間以上に対し、16、8時間と3倍近い安定度を示しており、高温時の劣化が極めて少ないことを証明している。

Potential customers for introducing MHF

1.Who can raise available, reasonable and enough vegetable oil for themselves
・Virgin vegetable oil is ideal, but waste vegetable oil is also available*
*Some waste vegetable oil may require cleaning & purifying devices according to their conditions.
2.Who can personally consume the fuels which they produce.
・Setting mixed ratio with gas oil as around 50% enable to huge cost down.
3.Who can apply the fuels to heavy machines, farm machines or generators.
・Making possible to reduce black smoke drastically, and there is almost no change with fuel consumptions.

Some examples of customers who have already been introduced MHF in Japan

The middleman of treating industrial waste Utilizing MHF as a fuel for heavy machine which operate at the treatment plant of incinerating dirty mad from sewerages, and use waste oil as a fuel for assisting incinerations. Achieved the goal of both reduction with cost and CO2.

Ex.2 Large-scale MHF producing enterprise


Near future Bio fuel which MHF realize

・Cultivating Jatropha that leads producing many quantity of inedible oil and MHF can bring us green oil field which never dry up.
・We have already completed technical verification, and it says there is no difference with power or exhaust gas from gas oil.
・It is possible to on-site operation at Jatropha plantation by using small-size MHF machine.
・It is no more just a dream after we got the combination of Jatropha and MHF with very cheap producing cost to green by planting Jatropha in desert areas.

Jatropha seeds  The oil expeller
The small size MHF machine 50L/H  

Accurate estimation

・Excellent Result is proved